Keeneland AGAIN!!!…. Winners Pay $3,322.80!!!

Things didn’t start off rosey although they finished just fine with the last few Pick 3’s hitting and the nice Late Pick 4 for $2,312.20  Mabey I should just skip the first few races of each card since they seem to be hitting later in the day? Hmmmm??? Regardless Keeneland has been the hottest track of the Fall meets and I’m going to keep on playing and winning!!!

Pick 3 – Races 4/5/6 $58.30

Pick 3 – Races 5/6/7 $64.40

Pick 3 – Races 6/7/8 $202.80

Pick 3 – Races 7/8/9 $381.90

Pick 3 – Races 8/9/10 $303.20

Late Pick 4 – Races 7/8/9/10 $2,312.20

TOTAL $3,322.80

Here’s all the back up Nick’sPicks Keeneland_101709

Here’s the Equibase results Keeneland_101709

Let’s keep this going at Keeneland and carry it through the week.  Get on board with Nick’sPicks!!! CLICK HERE TO <ORDER NOW!!!>

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