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What format is Nick’sPicks delivered in?

Nick’sPicks are written in PDF format. You will need a PDF Adobe reader to view the file. Get Adobe PDF Reader Here.

How do I receive Nick’sPicks after my purchase?

An email will immediately be sent to you after your purchase with a link to the download page. Click on the link to be taken to the download page, and then click to download the file.

When can I download Nick’sPicks?

Immediately after you order! Your download link will be active for 24 hours after your purchase, after 24 hours the download link will be deactivated for security purposes.

What if my download page expires before I download Nick'sPicks?

If you do not download your Nick'sPicks within 24 hours and the download page expires, please contact

What will the filename be on my computer after I download it?

Nick’sPicks will be delivered in a PDF file that has the track and the date of the card you purchased (example: DelMar_071608)

Where is my log in and password?

Nick’sPicks does not use logins or passwords. Your daily selections are delivered in a PDF that you can download immediately after purchase. If you have any questions or concerns you may email

Who do I contact for general questions?

You can email with any questions.